The EnvironMental Fix: How Reprogramming Your Mind Achieves Wellbeing and Resolves Climate Change

by James Golding & Leisa Golding

We, as sisters and brothers of one global family, can no longer wait for our governments, politicians, and businesses to solve the critical problem of climate change. The EnvironMental Fix unearths how we can leave our old way of thinking behind, transcend our desires, and be dynamic to create wellbeing for ourselves and our environment. Discover the Fix, and together we can save Mother Earth before it's too late.

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A short story about environmental devastation, selfish greed, pleasurable desires, living intelligently, and taking dynamic, selfless actions.

A short story on the consequences of how the rich get richer at the expense of damaging our beautiful planet.

A free short story where oppression is the only reality.

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