Author Services

In addition to being fiction and nonfiction writers, we also provide editing and publication services to other self-published authors. We are passionate about creating beautifully crafted books and empowering other authors like yourself to take control of your own words and ideas and, in turn, your publishing experience. Since 2013, we have been editing and reviewing for an small international publishing house, based in Europe and the USA.

At this stage, we only offer our services to authors of nonfiction books in areas such as technology, politics, government, history, the arts, environment, mental health, religion and spirituality, and biographies and autobiographies. These are content domains where we either have professional experience or personal interest.

What we offer

We offer the following services:

  • Content or Copy editing (British/Australian or American English)
  • Proofreading (British/Australian or American English)
  • Ebook creation (epub, mobi, PDF)
  • Print on Demand file creation (PDF)
  • Author website support – minor fixes, tweaks, and visual changes for WordPress and Microsoft .net websites


Self-publishing can be an overwhelming experience (trying to understand common jargon such as ISBN, epub, mobi, POD etc), especially when all you want to do is focus on writing. Our aim is to make it easy for authors to learn how to take their manuscript from draft to publication.

You are welcome to choose how involved you would like to be in this process. If you prefer someone to do most of the work for you (i.e. us), that’s fine. But if you’d like to take a more hands-on approach and see the process as an investment in your skill development, we are also happy to guide and empower you along the way so that in the future you can take more control of your publication journey.

The prices below are a general estimate only, so please contact us for a more formal estimate which will be based on our assessment of the quality of your written manuscript. In your request, please include the following details:

  • Word count
  • Topic area and brief description of book
  • Manuscript status (e.g. first draft, second draft, final draft ready for print)
  • Have you done a final proofread and has it been read by beta readers?
  • Is this your first book? If not, how many have you published previously? We welcome both first time and experienced authors!
  • What service/s do you require? (e.g. content editing, copy editing, proofreading, full package, not sure)
  • What is your time frame?

To provide you with a formal estimate, after your initial contact, we will then ask you to send us the first three chapters plus two chapters from the middle of your book so we can make an accurate assessment of cost and time.

Note: prices in $AUD.

edit Content or Copy Editing

3c per word e.g. for 80,000 words it would cost $2,400 with an estimated turn around of 4 weeks.*

visibility Proofreading

1.5c per word e.g. for 80,000 words it would cost $1,200 with an estimated turn around of 3 weeks.

stay_primary_portrait Ebook Creation

$250 for 3 versions (epub, mobi, and PDF). Estimated turn around time of one week.

book Print on Demand File Creation

$500 for PDF file to be used with Amazon.**

computer Author Website Support

Generally $75 per hour but please contact us with further details of what you require and we can give you a quote.

Whether you live in Australia, United States, UK, Canada, or New Zealand, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us and we can start working together to make your beautiful book come to life.

For more information about us, please see our About page.

In kindness, Leisa and James.

* Includes detailed comments to help you be a better self-editor for your future books.

** This a file creation service and includes only automated typesetting. It is a simple process, and if you wish we can provide guidance so you learn how to do this for your future books.