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L.A. Golding

Leisa Golding is a writer, editor, and former policy advisor who lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Adopted at birth in 1971, she became curious about identity from an early age. She grew up in a loving family, and after dreaming of being a prize-winning journalist, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Masters Degree in Public Policy. Editorial control and intense pressure tainted her dream and led her to work as a policy advisor instead.

Working in government for over twenty years, she strived to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged and underprivileged through research, analysis, and a lot of policy writing and revising. In 2015, when she realized that she had lost her way, she resigned to finish her debut novel Lerkus. Her second novel, currently untitled, will be released in 2020.

Leisa still does a lot of writing and revising as an author, but now she loves seeing her diverse stories naturally unfold and blend across genres rather than follow set rules. She is drawn to telling tales that portray a sense of belonging and justice, and hopes her work inspires people through knowledge and love. Both she and her husband, James Golding (who is also a writer), enjoy spending time in nature with birds and wandering cats, and having their family close by. Every day they practice Kriya meditation, and Leisa has discovered that truth now comes to her in the most ordinary yet extraordinary ways.

James Golding

James Golding was born and raised on a mountain range near Brisbane, Australia. After finishing high school, he moved to Brisbane and began studying Psychology and English at university before transferring to an IT degree. In an attempt to find a high-flying job, he traveled to London but his vain dreams were left unrealized when four weeks after arriving, the tragic events of September 11 led to a crash in the job market and changed the world. While browsing the Reading Room at the British Museum and wondering how to get a job, he felt a desire to be a writer sprout within him.

But it was a slow-growing seed. He worked as a software engineer for more than fifteen years before finally deciding to focus on writing fulltime. James is concerned about the burgeoning greed and diminishing kindness prevalent in humanity and is drawn to write about beauty, creativity, love, the natural world, and the consequences of technology. His first book, Fly Away Breath, is a heartbreaking story about the power of undying love to transcend and transform suffering, grief, and death.

James now lives in Brisbane Australia with his wife, Leisa (who is also a writer), and enjoys a quiet and simple life, surrounded by books, the neighborhood cats, and eight invisible masters.

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