The price of goods and services tends to hide the enormous environmental costs that are caused by their production. Would we still buy them if their hidden costs were included?

To resolve climate change, we must change the way we live. Climate scientist Peter Kalmus is one example of how we can transform our life to save the planet.

We think that our happiness comes from the world around us, but what most people call happiness is the temporary removal of misery. Happiness is much more.

Must-read new book about climate change presents a dynamic and powerful way for individuals to take back control in solving our global environmental crisis.

Businesses and the economy hibernated to survive coronavirus, but as human beings we can emerge from COVID-19 ready to fix climate change.

If you enjoyed “The EnvironMental Fix” book by James Golding and Leisa Golding, you may like to explore these resources about climate change and mental wellbeing.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama recently told Time Magazine that prayer is not enough to resolve COVID-19 and climate change – we all must take responsibility.

Whether you are staying at home or not during COVID-19, now is the ideal time to build up your mental health so you can maintain your body’s optimal health.

Pope Francis calls for our profit-driven and consumption-driven societies and governments to reassess and renew themselves after the COVID-19 pandemic.