Don’t die with the music in you


When I finished writing an article about the unique role we all play to make this world beautiful, I was reminded of an animation that I produced with my wife Leisa Golding and psychologist Neli Martin back in 2012. Titled Struggling with Internal Hijackers the animation was basically a mental health education tool that we created to give some context for an app we developed (Mindi – Personal Trainer for the Mind). The animation and app were based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is a form of counseling designed to increase psychological flexibility.

The background music that we used for the animation was Music Harmony by an Australian band “Julz and the Grimly Beats.” It’s a very cool song, but what I love most about it are the lyrics.

The words, “Don’t die with the music inside”, present such an important message for us all. In a world where we get so caught up in financial and career security, it’s so easy to lose track of what is lying deep in our hearts ready to be cultivated and expressed.

We all have a talent—a God-given gift if you will. Sometimes it’s hard to see or recognize and sometimes we can go through our entire lives without finding it. But it’s never too late. At any age, we can become the archaeologist of our hearts and seek to uncover that hidden and unique gem within ourselves which can be shared with the world. Because one of the saddest things we may face at the end of our life is not that we didn’t reach our full potential but rather that we didn’t even try.