DECEMBER 3, 2015 | 978-0-9945015-0-9 | 203 PAGES | FREE (eBook)
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Lerkus: A Journey to End All Suffering

By L.A. Golding

Who am I? Where am I going? What is my purpose?

In search of a more meaningful life, Jude Knight boards a train destined for the Cave of Lerkus. He soon discovers that he is traveling inside a mysterious world—Lerkus is in control, and he is simply a passenger along for the ride. The only way out is to fight against his inner demons and transform his perception of reality to uncover the enigmatic and supremely powerful Lerkus.

Lerkus is a quest of self-discovery that is unique and fun, yet deeply symbolic. Journey with Jude in this gripping tale as he questions life and seeks to end all suffering.

Lerkus is a vivid tale that wraps you in its world and transports you upward, inward, outward and – everywhere in between. It keeps you on your toes, on the edge of your seat, and its zany narrative makes you ponder your own existence. This is a book you could read again and again and still find something new with each read.F.W. (Auckland, NZ)

DECEMBER 3, 2015 | 978-0-9945015-0-9 | 203 PAGES | FREE (eBook)