The EnvironMental Fix: How Reprogramming Your Mind Achieves Wellbeing and Resolves Climate Change

By James Golding & L.A. Golding

Coming 2020

The world is in crisis. Whether the crisis is in the form of coronavirus or climate change, it’s clear that we are heading in the wrong direction. Our lives are built on a foundation of social and economic systems that have placed environmental and personal wellbeing into a dark corner. We all know the problems, but we need the courage and dynamic willpower to fix them. The way we think, work, and live no longer makes sense.

So we, as brothers and sisters of one global family, must start making changes today. Mother Nature desperately needs us to work together. No more debating and bickering over the reality of science and research, because ultimately it doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s downright simple. We must care for the planet because it sustains us. It’s our incredible home that supports us to love, create, explore, learn, dream, and prosper. Regardless of a degree of temperature here or there, without the earth, none of the things we hold dear would exist. We rely on it for everything. The earth is our lifeblood. So what can we do?

The Environmental Fix is simple yet powerful. It unearths how we can release outdated thought patterns, transcend desires, and dynamically create wellbeing – individually, collectively, and environmentally. The opportunity to fix our global environmental crisis is a thrilling and inspirational one, and we can all contribute. Please take some time to read this short book. It may just help make our beautiful earth the paradise it was intended to be.