Our free worksheets and information are designed to supplement The EnvironMental Fix book.

Identifying your desires – checklist

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Use this fillable PDF document to will help you to identify the intensity of your desires as either ‘Very Strong’, ‘Strong’, ‘Medium’, or ‘Weak’. The checklist contains the list of desires referred to in The EnvironMental Fix book and you can also add your own personal desires to the list. Simply tick and complete the relevant boxes.

Download desires checklist

One-year action plan

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This fillable PDF form will help you to devise your One-year Action Plan as per the three priority areas suggested in The EnvironMental Fix book.

Download one-year action plan

Four types of ancient and authentic meditation – blog post

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With so many types of meditation being offered, here are four ancient meditation techniques that are authentic, traditional, and effective.

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The EnvironMental Fix – further reading

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If you enjoyed The EnvironMental Fix book you may like to explore these resources about climate change and mental wellbeing.

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Practical ways to respond to climate anxiety

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How can we free ourselves from the chains of climate anxiety? Four principles to EnvironMental success with practical ways to feel less anxious.

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