“A Psalm of Life” poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow portrays the journey of human existence and how to lead a life well lived.

Must-read new book about climate change presents a dynamic and powerful way for individuals to take back control in solving our global environmental crisis.

Inspiring quotes from Peace Pilgrim, an American woman who walked across the USA from 1953 to 1981 spreading the message of peace to everyone she met.

Inspirational quotes from Paramahansa Yogananda: his best quotes and sayings on love, the purpose of life, healing, success, silence and seclusion, and joy.

A free inspirational and contemplative short story. Four strangers on a train. One unexplainable mystery that binds them.

We should never feel that we have nothing special to offer the world. Each one of us has unique talents, and together we can make a difference

The Guest House poem by Rumi provides deep insight into the Self and takes us beyond mindfulness when we contemplate the ‘watched’, the ‘watcher’, and the ‘process of watching’.

Death. A magical smile. And a simple gesture of love.

When we begin to awaken, the world never looks the same again. And we can’t turn back.