“The Road Not Taken” poem by Robert Frost makes us contemplate the choices we make on the journey of life. We are each on the way to the same destination, just taking different paths at different paces.

To resolve climate change, we must change the way we live. Climate scientist Peter Kalmus is one example of how we can transform our life to save the planet.

Inspirational quotes from Paramahansa Yogananda: his best quotes and sayings on love, the purpose of life, healing, success, silence and seclusion, and joy.

We should never feel that we have nothing special to offer the world. Each one of us has unique talents, and together we can make a difference

Inspired by a true story. Not many women attend their funeral and get married on the same day, in the same church.

Death. A magical smile. And a simple gesture of love.

A free short story where oppression is the only reality.