“The Road Not Taken” poem by Robert Frost makes us contemplate the choices we make on the journey of life. We are each on the way to the same destination, just taking different paths at different paces.

To resolve climate change, we must change the way we live. Climate scientist Peter Kalmus is one example of how we can transform our life to save the planet.

Businesses and the economy hibernated to survive coronavirus, but as human beings we can emerge from COVID-19 ready to fix climate change.

Now is the time to take action to resolve our two biggest global crises – coronavirus and climate change. We can no longer be mere bystanders.

We should never feel that we have nothing special to offer the world. Each one of us has unique talents, and together we can make a difference

An unexpected gift. New habits. And the strange beauty of letting it all go.

When we begin to awaken, the world never looks the same again. And we can’t turn back.

An uplifting story by author and awareness coach Barbara Brewster about self-trust, overcoming adversity, and seeking energy, joy, and liberation.