We launch our new book on how to fix climate change


The sun is shining brightly. The moon is auspiciously placed. So, today, we are releasing our new book, The EnvironMental Fix: How Reprogramming Your Mind Achieves Wellbeing and Resolves Climate Change.

We wrote this book for Mother Earth, for humanity, and for all creatures – great and small.

Human beings seem to be taking irresponsible actions such as polluting oceans, rivers, and the atmosphere; causing animals to become extinct; dumping billions of tonnes of waste into landfill; and destroying the earth’s biodiversity. Is it not crazy that we act in this way?

Why do we destroy our planet? How can we fix climate change?

As we compiled the research for this book, we analysed our lifestyle habits and actions (past and present), made even more changes to reduce our ecological footprint, and found new ways to give back to the environment. When we reflected on how much we have contributed to climate change through our seemingly normal actions, we felt remorseful. But judgement of our actions and the actions of others doesn’t fix environmental problems; it is only through taking conscious actions from now on that we will achieve environmental wellbeing.

Up until now, we all may have lived in ignorance, but from today on, the future can be different. Whether we earn billions of dollars or are unemployed, each one of us can play a role in caring for our environment and fixing the problem we have all created.

Yet, there’s something crucial that stands in the way: our mind.

Being an environmentalist is more mental than what you think.

In the The EnvironMental Fix, we propose a new way forward – a way that places the power for change firmly in the hands of each individual. To save our planet, we need a renewed vision and a global transformation of human hearts and minds.

The EnvironMental Fix charts a path into the future, and the future that it presents is one filled with positivity, kindness, and a deep reverence and love for our beloved home – Mother Earth.

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